We Build Custom Shipping Crates And Skids For Residential, Industrial And Commercial Clients

We provide a wide variety of custom designed wood crates, pallets and boxes. We can help you with the design of your container and construction of your container. With our expertise you will get the very finest product that you can find anywhere. And all of this with an extremely competitive price for you too. We also provide lumber cutting or remanufacturing for a number of companies and industries that need a constant supply of wood parts. We also design and manufacture custom Pallets and Skids.

So whether it is antiques or artwork, motorcycles or jet engines, your favorite chair or department store display cases, or anything you want to ship and want it to arrive in the same condition as when it was packed, then we can help you. We look forward to earning your trust!

You Can Expect

  • You know your job will be done right
  • You'll always get the best price
  • Your job done right the first time
  • Your job delivered on time or earlier
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