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We deliver to the local area. Delivery is not included, contact us for a delivery estimate

Yes! Kiln drying is a standard practice in wood production mills and serves to efficiently bring green lumber moisture levels down to "workable" range–moisture content levels that will not end in the myriad of problems that can be caused by excess moisture levels in wood.

Yes! Kiln-dried wood is wood that has been dried in an oven (kiln). With a kiln, you can control the environment such as temperature, humidity, and steam levels for a set period of time. Allowing you to dry wood to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying.

At times we carry specialty lumber contact us for available inventory and if we don't have it we can try to locate it for you or suggest alternatives.

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Always nice and gets us what we asked for , we usually end up going here a couple times a year they do an amazing job and always work with us on our ideas.

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